Create a boxing club exclusively for trans people. 
May 2017

Teach someone how to rap. 

May 2014 

Create an altar, and offer Arizona Watermelon Juice and Skittles. Instruct people to kneel in front of the altar eat the Skittles, and drink the juice from plastic medicine cups. 

June 2014 

An Arizona can cast in wax, made into a votive candle
March 2014 


Paintings will be made by shoeshiners using the same techniques they use to shine shoes. The paintings will be exhibited in a commercial gallery. 

May 2019 

Try on a pair of shoes at Footlocker. Do a 30 minute silent walking meditation. After the meditation, take the shoes off and put them back in the box. Leave the store. 

August 2016

At a department store, find Ralph Lauren brand polo shirts. Rip out the logo. Take a photograph. 

July 2017

At a commercial gallery, visitors are required to They will then assist in the process of making an airbrushed memorial t-shirt for themselves with their own portrait printed on it. The airbrush artist will be credited and will receive all profits from any sales. 
March 2019 

Make an audio recording at the boxing gym every day for one week. Make a sound installation from layering each audio file (day) on top of the last. 

October 2019 

Teach a boxing class for incarcerated people in a prison or jail. Make ambient soundscapes from recordings of the sessions, and use the audio to facilitate mindfulness meditation sessions for CO's. 
October 2019 

Boxing equipment made from skin discarded after gender affirming surgeries.  
October 2019 


At a hotel, housekeepers perform their regular job duties. The work is formalized as a site-specific performance. 

November 2019